Study Guide

And Then There Were None Chapter Ten

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Ten

  • Vera and Lombard sit in the living room and try to figure out who the real killer is.
  • Lombard says that it must be Justice Wargrave because he is a judge and enjoys playing God. Hello there, foreshadowing!
  • Vera, on the other hand, is certain that the killer is Dr. Armstrong since two of the deaths happened due to poisonings. Yeah, that could work, too.
  • In the other room, Rogers and Mr. Blore are discussing the same thing.
  • And so are Dr. Armstrong and Justice Wargrave, who says that he has an idea of who must be carrying out the crimes. Interesting…
  • Upstairs, Miss Brent reads her Bible and then writes in her journal. She suddenly started by something she writes about her servant girl Beatrice Taylor.
  • They go downstairs to wait out the storm and with some tea. They’re having a fine and dandy time drinking tea and telling tales when Mr. Rogers comes in and kills the mood by asking if they’ve seen the bathroom curtain.
  • After a quiet dinner, everyone goes to bed—except Mr. Rogers, who heads back into the dining room where he decides to lock up the door to the pantry so that no one can get to the china figurines.

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