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And Then There Were None Chapter Thirteen

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Thirteen

  • Now everyone is thoroughly freaked out and there are no longer cheery tea times and chats.
  • They all sit in the drawing room as if waiting for something to happen.
  • When Vera goes to make tea, everyone watches her to make sure that she hasn’t slipped anything in the tea.
  • The lights go out and they have to take out candles in order to see.
  • Eventually Vera decides that she is going to her room for bed, even though it’s just past six p.m.
  • When she goes up, she smells something strange in her room—it smells like the ocean.
  • Then she feels something wet and cold on her throat and starts screaming wildly.
  • Everyone rushes upstairs to check on her and they offer her brandy. She looks up at realizes that it wasn’t a cold hand at her throat after all—it was just a long ribbon of seaweed.
  • Vera refuses to drink the brandy and Lombard goes to get her a brand new bottle that’s unopened.
  • Then they realize that Justice Wargrave isn’t with them… how strange.
  • They go downstairs to look for him and find his dead body. He’s sitting in a chair with scarlet robes made from the missing bathrobe curtains, and he has a wig on his head. He’s been shot clear through the forehead. Well, guess the revolver showed up!

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