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And Then There Were None Chapter Three

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Three

  • The eight guests present eat their dinner—Mrs. Rogers turns about to be an excellent cook, at least—and start getting friendly and relaxed with each other.
  • Tony Marston remarks on the ten little china figures of soldiers in the middle of the room and everyone thinks they’re quite funny, ha ha.
  • They all also figure out that they each have that same nursery rhyme framed and up in their rooms. What a wacky guy this host must be!
  • Miss Brent starts talking to Vera and they realize that people of different names invited them here, but before they can say any more, the men join them and they have some coffee.
  • And then comes the booming voice.
  • Out of nowhere, a great voice calls out and charges each and every single person in the room with a different crime leading to someone’s death.
  • Whoa! In addition to being totally horrifying, where could that voice be coming from?
  • Mr. Rogers drops the serving tray and Mrs. Rogers collapses in fright.
  • They go looking for the source of the voice and end up finding a gramophone set up. Rogers admits to playing the record, but says he had no idea what was on it.
  • No one knows who Mr. and Mrs. Owen are and it’s soon clear that they aren’t real people.
  • Mr. Blore had been posing as a Mr. Davis, but he’s forced to admit his real name and tell everyone that he was hired by Mr. Owen to watch everyone at the party.
  • They piece it together and realize that U.N. Owen stands for “Unknown.”
  • Clever, clever. And creepy.

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