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And Then There Were None Chapter Twelve

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Twelve

  • After the meal is over, everyone rushes up to help clear the table and clean up, but Miss Brent seems a little woozy and so she goes to sit by herself. Soon she hears a buzzing sound, like a bee.
  • Then she feels the prick in the side of her neck. Oh, dear! So there were bees on the island after all.
  • Blore tells everyone that he thinks that Miss Brent is the killer, but when they go to fetch her, she’s dead.
  • Welp, so much for that theory.
  • Dr. Armstrong examines the body and finds the mark of a hypodermic syringe, just the one he has with him that… has gone missing.
  • The guests decide to pool together any lethal items and lock them all in a safe.
  • Lombard objects to giving up his revolver, but there’s nothing to worry about: it’s gone, too.
  • They search everyone’s room, but they find no revolver. Instead, they find the sixth broken soldier boy and the syringe outside the dining room window. Someone obviously injected Miss Brent and threw those items out the window.

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