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And Then There Were None Chapter Two

By Agatha Christie

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Chapter Two

  • The people sit outside of Oakbridge a little weirded out and confused that they’re all headed for Soldier Island but don’t know each other.
  • After some awkward introductions, chitchat about weather and traveling conditions ensues.
  • In a couple of cabs they make their way to the village on the coast, where they’ll take a boat over to Soldier Island.
  • From a distance, Soldier Island looks way more like a creepy death trap than it does a haven for eccentric millionaires.
  • At the last minute, Anthony Marston drives up in his very fast car in order to catch the boat.
  • The boat captain says that Soldier Island can’t be reached in bad weather. Hmmmm, a bit of foreshadowing, perhaps?
  • When they arrive, the butler and the servant woman, all cold and polite, let them know that the host and hostess of the party are delayed and can’t greet them yet.
  • Vera talks to Mrs. Rogers—the servant woman—and finds out that she and Mr. Rogers (the butler) haven’t even met Mr. and Mrs. Owen. Curiouser and curiouser!
  • Oh, and framed in the room is an odd little nursery rhyme about ten little soldier boys…
  • Nice and late, Dr. Armstrong drives up and meets the different folks at Soldier Island.
  • Now they’re are getting ready in their respective rooms waiting for dinner, wondering when they’ll meet their hosts and what the week holds for them.
  • We’re guessing it’s not going to be hot yoga and green smoothies.

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