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And Then There Were None Epilogue

By Agatha Christie

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  • In the epilogue, the police just cannot crack the mystery of Soldier Island.
  • Even when they take into account that Vera was the last to die, she couldn’t have been the killer: after she hanged herself, someone put away the chair that she kicked out from underneath her.
  • The police are just as baffled as anyone else.
  • Later on, a fishing boat picks up a note in a bottle and sends it to the police.
  • It’s from Justice Wargrave, and in it, he confesses to all the murders on Soldier Island.
  • You see, Justice Wargrave is a man who craves justice but also finds great pleasure in killing, which, sorry, sounds a little like a first world problem to us.
  • He comes up with the idea of collecting a group of people who have committed murders but, you know, haven’t really committed murder.
  • He explains exactly how he carried out the murders, and how he used Dr. Armstrong to fake his death because the man didn’t suspect him of anything.
  • In the end, Wargave says that he wanted to create an unsolvable mystery, but that he still wants credit for it.
  • #firstworldproblems

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