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And Then There Were None Good vs. Evil

By Agatha Christie

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Good vs. Evil

Our friends in And Then There Are None have done some very, very naughty things. But—and here’s the question at the heart of the book—are they evil? Miss Brent would probably say yes (excepting herself, of course). But we’re not so sure. Most of the time, they seem like more or less sympathetic people who are just afraid of what’s happening to them. And if there’s one thing we are sure of, it’s that Wargrave is the worst of them all. This may not be a good about good vs. evil so much as it is a book about evil vs. not-quite-as-bad.

Questions About Good vs. Evil

  1. Who do you consider the most “evil” character in the book? Justice Wargrave? Vera Claythorne? Emily Brent? What do you think your choice says about you?
  2. How does Justice Wargrave decide on the order that the characters will die in? Do you agree with the order he created?
  3. Do you think any of the characters are more good than evil?
  4. Why do you think each character committed the murder that he or she did?

Chew on This

Justice Wargrave may think Vera Claythorne is the most culpable of all his guests, but the book portrays her as having the most goodness of any of the characters.

In the end, Justice Wargrave dies last because he recognizes that he is the most evil and despicable of all the characters.

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