Study Guide

Frank's Teachers in Angela's Ashes

By Frank McCourt

Frank's Teachers

Mr. Benson

Mr. Benson is the oldest teacher at Leamy's National School. He spits all over the boys when he talks and hates it when the boys ask him questions.

Mr. O'Halloran aka Hoppy

Hoppy's the headmaster at Leamy's National School and he's the only teacher who actually cares about the boys' welfare. He encourages the boys to ask questions and teaches them that there are always two sides to every story. He gives Frank a stellar recommendation to the Christian Brothers secondary school. Unfortunately, the recommendation isn't enough to get him in, since Frank doesn't have the right look (aka money) for the school.

Mr. O'Neill aka Dotty

Mr. O'Neill is Frank's teacher and he really likes Euclid—so much in fact, that it seems like that's the only thing he teaches the boys. He likes to peel his apple in front of the hungry boys and then offer the apple peel as a prize. If the boys don't answer correctly, he throws the apple peel in the garbage. Sadistic, we think.

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