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Angela's Ashes Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • Frank's invited to a weekend cycling trip with his schoolmates. Only problem is, he doesn't have a bike. But guess who does? Laman.
  • Laman says he's more than happy to let Frank borrow his bike but it'll come at a price: Frank has to empty Laman's chamber pot every morning.
  • Plus, he has to be at his beck and call at all times, which means cigarette and library runs.
  • We're starting not to like Laman one bit.
  • During one of his errands, the librarian tells Frank that he can't leave with the library books until it stops raining, so he stays and begins reading a book about saints.
  • The librarian's amazed at Frank's interest in the book and sends his mom a note telling her how wonderful Frank is and how he's sure to become a priest.
  • Back at school, Mr. O'Halloran teaches his students all about America. He also teaches them about the importance of knowledge.
  • One day, after Frank impresses him with a well-formed sentence, he asks to meet with Frank's mother.
  • Mr. O'Halloran tells Angela that Frank should go on with his education and that she should go see the Christian Brothers about enrolling Frank in secondary school.
  • The Christian Brothers take one look at Frank, tell him they don't have room for him, and slam the door.
  • Frank's happy that they rejected him since that means he doesn't have to stay in school.
  • Angela and Frank ask about a job as a messenger boy while Mr. O'Halloran is upset that his best students are forced to work as errand boys.
  • Meanwhile in Laman's house, things aren't getting any better and Frank hears Angela and Laman having sex.
  • Frank's also feeling real guilty since he's committing a sin by "interfering with himself" (13.341).
  • Trouble finds Frank when he forgets to empty Laman's chamber pot and a drunken Laman doesn't let Frank borrow his bike. They end up getting into a scuffle and after everyone's asleep Frank leaves for good and moves in with Uncle Pat.

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