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Angela's Ashes Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

  • Frank continues working for Easons and Mrs. Finucane up until the day she dies.
  • On the day she dies, Frank helps himself to Mrs. Finucane's money and her ledger.
  • Frank throws away the ledger into the River Shannon so that Mrs. Finucane's customers will never have to pay.
  • Frank purchases a ticket to America. He's almost ready to set sail but first Angela wants to throw him a going-away party.
  • While he's waiting to leave for America, Frank wanders through the streets of Limerick and thinks about all he's been through.
  • He gets pretty sentimental about it all, as bad as it's been.
  • On the ship Frank meets a priest from Limerick who's been living in Los Angeles.
  • Due to the high tide, the captain of the ship is forced to anchor in Poughkeepsie instead of New York City.
  • At nighttime a boat with an Irishman from Mayo pulls up to the ship and invites some of the ship officers, the priest, and Frank on board.
  • The men go to a party with American women. At the party, one of the women follows Frank into the bathroom and then takes him into the bedroom where they have sex.
  • The priest's waiting outside the bedroom and gives Frank a knowing look. Frank's worried that the priest's going to write a letter to his mother and tell her all about her son's bad behavior.
  • After a while the men head back to ship.
  • Frank stays on the deck and stares at the New York skyline while the Wireless Officer says, "My God, that was a lovely night, Frank. Isn't this a great country altogether?" (18.73)

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