Study Guide

Angela's Ashes Men and Masculinity

By Frank McCourt

Men and Masculinity

From the start of Angela's Ashes Frank mentions how much he wants to be a man. The thing is he's not entirely sure what being a man actually means other than providing for the family, something his own father can't seem to do. And it's not just Frank's father who has a problem. Many of the men in Frank's world work hard and then drink harder, and as a result disregard their family responsibilities. It's clear that there's a huge difference between acting like a man and actually being a man. But what exactly is it?

Questions About Men and Masculinity

  1. Do most men in Limerick share Malachy Sr.'s views on masculinity?
  2. How does Malachy Sr. express his love for Frank?
  3. What kinds of things does Malachy Sr. consider unmanly?
  4. Where do the women fit in to all the machismo in Angela's Ashes? Do they contribute to it by being silent?

Chew on This

In private, at home, Malachy Sr. feels more free to do traditional women's work.

If Malachy Sr. were a real man he'd help the boys scoop coal, even if it meant swallowing his dignity.

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