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Hannah Pitt in Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika

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Hannah Pitt

Hannah is Joe's tough Mormon mom. Though she's awfully hard on her son, and takes the news that he's gay really badly, we see her kinder side in Perestroika. In the second part of Angels in America, Hannah attempts to take care of her daughter-in-law, Harper, and even shows Prior, a complete stranger, a great deal of kindness. When Prior collapses in the Mormon Visitors Center, Hannah takes him to the hospital and sits with him for a while. She even experiences the angel's second visit with him. Through her interactions with Prior, we realize that she's not as homophobic as we thought she was based on her treatment of Joe in Millennium Approaches.

In the end, Hannah has a far better fate than her son. Whereas Joe ends up completely alone, we find Hannah in the epilogue, hanging out with Prior, Louis, and Belize. Based on Millennium Approaches, we never would have guessed that Hannah would end up like this. But, hey, what can we say? People change.

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