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Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika Act 1, Scene 2

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Act 1, Scene 2

  • It's the same night as the end of Millennium Approaches.
  • We're in Harper's imaginary version of Antarctica. Snow swirls as Mr. Lies plays an oboe. He says the oboe is the official instrument of the International Order of Travel agents.
  • Harper enters, dragging a small pine tree. She's no longer wearing the beautiful white snowsuit from the end of the first play. She's dirty, disheveled, and wearing whatever random clothes she threw on as she left the house.
  • Mr. Lies asks Harper where she got the pine tree.
  • She says from a forest.
  • He points out that there are no pine trees in Antarctica.
  • Harper starts talking about how she's still in love with Joe.
  • Joe appears in her dream world.
  • He tells her that he's been looking for her, but that now he's off having an adventure.
  • She screams at him to come back to her.
  • Joe says he can't, even though he still loves her. Then he disappears.
  • Mr. Lies plays a sad song on his oboe.
  • Antarctica fades away. The light shifts, and sounds of a park and the city return. Harper's dream world has been shattered.
  • Mr. Lies asks her where she really got the pine tree.
  • She says she got it from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens – turns out she's just been walking around Prospect Park the whole time.
  • A policeman lights a flare.
  • Mr. Lies disappears.
  • Harper says, "Busted. Damn. What a lousy vacation" (1.2.38).

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