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Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika Act 4, Scene 2

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Act 4, Scene 2

  • Joe sits in his office looking seriously depressed.
  • Prior and Belize show up; Prior wants to see what Louis' new lover looks like. Prior observes that Joe's wife is totally right, he does look exactly like the dummy at the Mormon Visitors Center.
  • Confused, Joe asks how Prior knows his wife.
  • Prior denies that he said anything about Joe's wife. He tells Joe he's a prophet and mocks Joe for just being a clerk.
  • Prior ducks out of the room and complains to Belize about how manly Joe is. Prior feels like a sissy compared to Louis' new lover.
  • Belize goes in to get a look at Joe.
  • Joe recognizes Belize immediately, but Belize denies that he's Roy Cohn's nurse.
  • Prior and Belize try to run away, but Joe corners them.
  • Joe demands to know how Prior knows Harper.
  • Prior avoids the question, claiming to be a mental patient.
  • Joe asks again about Harper.
  • Screaming, Prior tells Joe that he ought to go talk to her if he's so worried about her. Prior blows a raspberry at Joe and runs away.
  • Before exiting, Belize looks at Joe and says, "I am trapped in a world of white people. That's my problem" (4.2.45).

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