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Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika Act 4, Scene 4

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Act 4, Scene 4

  • It's the same day.
  • Hannah is at the Mormon Visitors Center.
  • Joe enters.
  • They stare at each other for a moment before speaking.
  • Joe asks how Harper is doing.
  • "Nothing surprising," says Hannah (4.4.3).
  • Joe tells Hannah she shouldn't have come to New York.
  • Hannah chastises Joe for not calling.
  • Joe says a phone conversation with her is complicated.
  • He tells Hannah that he wants to take Harper back to Salt Lake.
  • She seems to think this is a bad idea and tells him he's a typical man messing things up.
  • Joe wishes his mother would show him some sympathy.
  • "If I could manage any, you'd just push it away," Hannah says (4.4.19).
  • Joe asks if Harper is there.
  • Nope, his mom tells him.
  • She's not at the apartment either, says Joe.
  • Hannah asks Joe why he left Salt Lake. What was he running from? She observes that it couldn't have been her; she's not big enough.
  • "You and me. It's like we're back in Salt Lake again. You sort of bring the desert with you," Joe tells his mother (4.4.24).
  • He asks Hannah if she's crying.
  • She tells him that if she ever does cry he won't have the privilege of seeing it.
  • Joe repeats that she should never have come, then leaves.
  • Hannah sits for a moment.
  • Prior enters and asks her if the man who just left (Joe) is her son.
  • Hannah just stares at him, which somehow seems to confirm it.
  • Prior starts to leave, but Hannah asks him if he knows Joe.
  • He says it's his ex-boyfriend who knows Joe – really well. Prior just wanted to stop by to tell Joe what an awful, faithless person Louis is.
  • Hannah asks him if he's gay.
  • Yes, indeed, says Prior.
  • "Would you say you are a typical... homosexual?" Hannah asks him (4.4.34).
  • "Me. Oh, I'm stereotypical," says Prior (4.4.35).
  • Prior starts to feel terrible; he's pushed too hard. He collapses.
  • Hannah puts on her coat and starts to help him into a cab to take him to the hospital.
  • She notes that a storm is moving in.

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