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Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika Act 5, Scene 4

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Act 5, Scene 4

  • It's 2am. Joe enters his apartment and calls for Harper.
  • Roy enters dressed in a black robe.
  • Joe is terrified.
  • Roy informs Joe that he has died.
  • Joe is mad at his old mentor for lying about having AIDS.
  • Roy's ghost tells Joe that he didn't want him to get a bad impression. Roy says he knows Joe feels bad about beating someone up, but the guy deserved it.
  • Joe feels horrible about it and that he'll never see Louis again.
  • He asks Roy to go.
  • "Show me a little of what you've learned, baby Joe. Out in the world," Roy says and then kisses Joe softly on the mouth.
  • Roy says he hopes there's something to do in the afterlife, or else he'll get bored.
  • He disappears.
  • Harper enters.
  • Joe wants to know where she's been.
  • "I was out. With a friend. In Paradise," Harper tells him (5.4.18).

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