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Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika Act 5, Scene 6

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Act 5, Scene 6

  • (Note: This scene is optional and is usually left out of productions.)
  • Waking through the streets of Heaven, Prior runs into Rabbi Isidor Chemelwitz and Sarah Ironson, who are playing cards.
  • Sarah is Louis' grandmother, whose funeral the Rabbi presided over at the beginning of Millennium Approaches.
  • Prior asks if they know the way out.
  • Then he recognizes them, telling Sarah that he was at her funeral.
  • Sarah seems to only speak Yiddish, so the Rabbi translates for her.
  • Prior tells Sarah that Louis is gay.
  • "Oy," says Sarah (5.6.11).
  • She and the Rabbi start playing cards again.
  • Prior asks why everybody in Heaven plays cards. Rabbi Isidor tells him it's because in Heaven all the great answers are known, but in a pack of cards surprises still exist.
  • Prior tells the Rabbi he wants to go home.
  • The Rabbi does a little chanting and the ladder appears.
  • Prior starts to climb down.
  • Sarah (with the Rabbi translating) tells Prior to giver her grandson a message: "You should struggle with the Almighty. [...] It's the Jewish way" (5.6.21-24).

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