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Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika Act 5, Scene 7

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Act 5, Scene 7

  • It's morning and we're back in Prior's hospital room.
  • Belize is sleeping.
  • Prior climbs down the ladder and slips into bed.
  • Our favorite prophet wakes up, saying he's really tired.
  • Belize wakes up too.
  • "You've been working hard," he tells Prior (5.7.3).
  • Emily, the nurse, enters.
  • She notes that Prior's fever broke.
  • Hannah enters.
  • Prior says he's been having a crazy dream and all of them were there.
  • Prior thanks Hannah.
  • She says there's no need and that it's time for her to go – hospitals freak her out.
  • Hannah mentions that she had a really weird dream too.
  • Louis enters.
  • Prior asks him how he got all beat up.
  • Louis reminds Prior that he told him not to come back until he had bruises on the outside.
  • Prior chastises him for being so literal.
  • Hannah says she has to go.
  • Prior asks if she's coming back.
  • She says she will if she can.
  • "Please do," says Prior. "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers" (5.7.28).
  • "Well, that's a stupid thing to do," says Hannah, and she exits (5.7.29).
  • Louis asks who Hannah is.
  • Prior replies that Louis would probably rather not know.
  • Belize gives Prior a big bag full of AZT. Prior isn't sure he wants to take it, because it makes you anemic. Belize says they can talk about it tomorrow, then takes off.
  • Louis tells Prior he wants to come back to him.

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