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Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika Act 5, Scene 8

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Act 5, Scene 8

  • Split scene: Prior and Louis stay on one side of the stage; we also see Harper and Joe in their apartment.
  • Harper tells Joe she wants his credit card, and that he can keep track of where she is by looking at the statement.
  • Joe begs her to stay, saying she's the only person in the whole world who loves him. "You're my good heart," he tells his wife (5.8.5).
  • She walks up and slaps him.
  • Harper asks if it hurt.
  • He nods yes.
  • She says good and that she hopes he remembers the pain.
  • Harper tells him that if she gets a job, she'll cut up the credit card.
  • Joe begs her to call him.
  • She says she probably never will again.
  • Harper pulls her Valium stash out of the couch and gives it to Joe. "With a big glass of water," she tells him and exits (5.8.13).
  • Over in Prior's hospital room, Louis again tells Prior that he wants to come back.
  • Louis says he failed Prior, but that that doesn't mean he doesn't love him.
  • Prior says he loves Louis, but that he'll never take him back.

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