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Angle of Repose Part 1, Chapter 6

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Part 1, Chapter 6

  • Augusta doesn't end up coming to their wedding. Although she claims that she's too weak because she just had her first child with Thomas, Susan suspects that something else is at play.
  • In truth, this development makes Susan a bit ashamed of Oliver. He's like a fish out of water when thrust into the literary and intellectual scene that Susan loves with all of her heart.
  • Oliver actually meets Thomas and Augusta (plus their new baby) before heading back to California. Although Susan acts in a "hysterical" manner, the meeting goes smoothly (1.6.5).
  • Susan will be heading to Cali soon as well. She hires a woman named Lizzie to be their maid. Lizzie has a 7-month-old daughter she'll be bringing along, too.
  • But then, a problem arises: Oliver doesn't send money for Susan's train fare. This confuses and upsets Susan, and she considers calling the whole thing off. In the end, however, she decides to pay for her fare herself in the hopes that Oliver will pay her back.
  • And, with that, Susan Ward starts heading west.

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