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Angle of Repose Part 2, Chapter 5

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Part 2, Chapter 5

  • Oliver has just arrived home from another hard day's work. He complains how Mr. Kendall doesn't take his suggestions seriously and wastes tons of money on low-quality equipment.
  • Oh, and also, Susan is pregnant. Oliver tells her that he wants to hire another woman (her name is Marian Prouse) to help out when the baby comes.
  • Augusta's daughter is born on April 22. Susan is super psyched when she gets the news. Then, she gets even more psyched to find out that both of her pieces are getting published.
  • Susan goes into labor almost immediately after receiving this letter. She gives birth to Lyman's father, who weighs a whopping 11 pounds at birth.
  • Susan loves the kid, of course, and calls him the "world's healthiest infant" (2.5.47). Still, it isn't long before Thomas requests more drawings, and she is back at work again.

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