Study Guide

Angle of Repose Part 3, Chapter 3

By Wallace Stegner

Part 3, Chapter 3

  • Two months have passed. Susan wakes up in the morning alongside her hunky hubby.
  • By the way, Susan is boarding in the home of a woman named Mrs. Elliott. Mrs. Elliott tends to be a bit bossy and overbearing, which drives Susan crazy.
  • Oliver came in late the previous night, so he takes the opportunity to tell Susan about his recent job search. Still nothing. And, oh, yeah, he also managed to invent hydraulic cement. Score.
  • Susan gets super excited, but Oliver tells her to hold her horses. All he's done is invent it—now he needs to find rich folks to invest in it.
  • After chilling out, Susan complains to Oliver about Mrs. Elliott's "insufferable" attitude (3.3.43). Mrs. Elliott even talks trash about her own husband when he's not around. For shame.
  • This conversation eventually shifts into a more, well, intimate encounter between the two.

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