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Angle of Repose Part 3, Chapter 7

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Part 3, Chapter 7

  • Back in the present, Lyman is in a bummer of a mood. He describes his daily ritual, which begins with work in the mornings, continues with some hang time with Ada and Shelly in the afternoons, and ends with him running a few laps around the courtyard on his crutches.
  • Lyman actually saw Shelly's husband once during a daily jog. Dude simply smiled, waved, and walked away. Weird.
  • Lyman tells Shelly about this episode, and she responds with amusement. Shouldn't she be scared of her stalker ex-husband? Regardless, she doesn't think he'll stay around much longer.
  • The ex does leave, but not before playing one final trick: he orders 24 canaries on Shelly's credit card and delivers them to her parents' house. Because that makes sense.
  • All this stunt does is make Lyman appreciate his grandmother even more—she'd never get with a shady dude like that.

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