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Angle of Repose Part 4, Chapter 6

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Part 4, Chapter 6

  • Back in the present, Shelly is criticizing Lyman for being afraid to depict his grandparents' "sex life" (4.6.6). Um...GROSS.
  • Although he's writing a novel, not a nonfiction book, Lyman has no interest in delving into sexual issues. He blames Shelly's concerns on her generation's obsession with free love.
  • In Lyman's mind, sexuality was a private thing for his grandma and her generation, so he should respect their wishes and keep it private as well.
  • Shelly says that this strategy will make readers think that Lyman is purposely avoiding the issue, which—to be honest—he is.
  • But, that sex scene didn't actually lead to a happy resolution. Oliver found out the next day that he would have to travel a bunch if he were to join the survey, which means that Susan would have to go back to Milton.
  • Instead, Oliver decides to become the manager of a mine in Leadville.

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