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Angle of Repose Part 4, Chapter 7

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Part 4, Chapter 7

  • In September, Oliver begins building additional rooms on the house ("a kitchen, bedroom, and cast rock fireplace") to prepare their tiny home for the arrival of baby Ollie (4.7.2).
  • In November, Susan heads back to Milton to pick up the baby. Oliver rides with her as far as Chicago, but their goodbye is far less tearful this time around.
  • Susan spends her time in Milton reintroducing herself to her son, spending time with her family, and even writing a novel. Talk about being productive.
  • Finally, the day comes when Susan and Ollie must leave. This provokes a strange reaction from Bessie and John—it turns out that John "envies Oliver" for heading out west (4.7.39).
  • Although Susan tells Bessie and John that they can come out and live with her and Oliver, she quickly realizes that it would be impossible right now.

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