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Angle of Repose Part 5, Chapter 2

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Part 5, Chapter 2

  • Susan wakes up early and leaves her room to "watch the Casa Walkenhorst come awake" (5.2.2). As it turns out, this is a pretty involved process.
  • Susan sits down in the central court, which is surrounded by 20 luxurious rooms. Fancy.
  • There's a ton of activity—a coachman arriving with a group of dogs; maids scurrying around and tidying; and Don Gustavo's daughter Enriqueta running around playfully.
  • Susan returns to the room to find Oliver awake. She raves to her husband about how good of a housekeeper Emelita is.
  • Oliver talks about his job. He's not fully convinced that the mine will turn out to be valuable, but there's a lot of pressure from Don Gustavo and his business partner Don Pedro Gutierrez for him to file a favorable report.
  • If the mine turns out to be good, though, he might be able to score a job running it. Maybe Susan could even have a "palace" like this one to call her own (5.2.52).
  • Our little material girl loves the idea.

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