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Angle of Repose Part 5, Chapter 3

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Part 5, Chapter 3

  • Susan is on the balcony as Oliver packs supplies onto a donkey—he's finally going to be surveying the mine with Don Pedro and Don Gustavo. Susan quickly sketches the scene.
  • It's only going to be a three-week trip, but these dudes are sparing no expense. Don Pedro has even packed up a full-sized bed, "complete with springs and mattress" (5.3.8).
  • Finally, the men are all packed up and ready to go. All the wives (Susan included) come downstairs to bid their hubbies adieu.
  • It's an extremely formal little ceremony: Susan receives a kiss on the hand from each man. Oliver seems amused by the whole deal and gives her a warm hug and kiss goodbye.
  • As the men ride off, the ladies stand "fluttering handkerchiefs from the balustrade" (5.3.38).

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