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Angle of Repose Part 5, Chapter 4

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Part 5, Chapter 4

  • This chapter consists of a few letters from Susan to Augusta.
  • Susan describes how much she's been sketching lately, usually following Emelita around and drawing every last thing that she does.
  • Susan also tells Augusta about a house that Emelita has suggested that she and Oliver buy. But, it only has a mere 12 rooms. How will they ever survive?
  • In addition, Susan comes across a market that she desperately wants to draw. She begs Emelita to join her the following morning for a sketch session, and Emelita reluctantly agrees, nervous because it is considered inappropriate for women to go out alone.
  • The sketch session goes fine, but Emelita and company seem to feel like the whole adventure was a "mortal sin" (5.4.31). Susan vows to come back, but alone next time.
  • Susan ends the letter with her excitement that Oliver will be back home in a mere week.

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