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Angle of Repose Part 5, Chapter 6

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Part 5, Chapter 6

  • Immediately, Susan can tell that the mood around Casa Walkenhorst has drastically changed. Neither Don Gustavo nor Emelita will give the couple the time of day.
  • Don Pedro is a lot nicer, however. Susan decides to reward this kindness by giving him a drawing she made of his wife, which was "one of her best" (5.6.3).
  • As she packs her bags, Susan comes across her riding clothes, which she hasn't worn once since leaving Leadville. She smells them and is immediately taken back to her time in that tiny town.
  • Susan thinks back to her goodbye to Frank. It was a tense conversation, with both of them doing a bad job of concealing their affection toward the other.
  • Frank had even asked Susan for a kiss before she left. She complied, leaning forward to kiss his cheek, but he suddenly "grabbed her hard" and kissed her on the mouth (5.6.26). How rude.
  • But, let's just ignore that for now—we're 100 percent sure that this won't come back to haunt Susan in any form or fashion. No, siree.

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