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Angle of Repose Part 7, Chapter 2

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Part 7, Chapter 2

  • Lyman starts off this chapter with a disclaimer that this wasn't Susan's best period of letter-writing. He only has a few documents that attest to this period.
  • We do learn that Susan has a miscarriage at one point, but Lyman doesn't give us any other details.
  • In a letter to Augusta, Susan informs us that they were forced to move into a tiny camp at the base of a canyon because they lost some funding. Oliver is still going full speed ahead, however—he's even naming the main stretch "the Susan Canal" (7.2.7).
  • So, what else is new? A Chinese dude named Charley Wan now cooks for Susan and Oliver. They've also hired Nellie Winton, a girl from back east, to help around the house, and Mrs. Briscoe, a local lady, to help with the kids.

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