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Angle of Repose Part 7, Chapter 6

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Part 7, Chapter 6

  • These are rough times for the family. The relationship between Oliver and Susan is more strained than ever, and that's not even mentioning their constant financial difficulties.
  • Susan and Oliver do get some kind of good news in November 1888: Major John Wesley Powell, the new director of the United States Geological Survey, wants to hire Oliver.
  • Oliver suggests that Susan move back to Milton, but she shoots the idea down. Her parents have recently died, forcing Bessie and John to sell their grand old home for something far smaller.
  • Susan wants Oliver to take the job, but she has one request—he must stop drinking. Oliver refuses to make any promises, only saying that he needs to "work it out for [himself]" (7.6.30).
  • The one thing Oliver promises is that he won't bring any booze of his own. Uh, that's something, we suppose.

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