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Angle of Repose Part 8, Chapter 4

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Part 8, Chapter 4

  • Susan is sending the kids off to their lessons when Oliver returns home from work.
  • After the kids leave, Susan gets down to brass tacks. What's up with the whole Burns situation? Can they get Bessie and John their money back?
  • Oliver shakes his head. Given that Burns is a successful (and immensely shady) lawyer, they're unlikely to have any luck taking him to court.
  • Oliver suggests moving Bessie and John out to company property and then getting them better land once "the company gets straightened out" (8.4.56). Susan has no problem with this in theory, but she's doubtful that the canal will ever be successful at this point.
  • Oliver admits that it was a mistake to trust Burns, but trust is the most important thing in the world to him. In Susan's head, this statement feels almost accusatory.

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