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Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging Summary

By Louise Rennison

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Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging Summary

Georgia Nicolson lives with her parents, her smelly but sweet little sister Libby, and Angus—the possessed cat. Georgia tends to embarrass herself, doing things like shaving off her eyebrows accidentally and wearing a stuffed olive costume to a party.

Georgia's best friend, Jas, starts crushing on a guy named Tom. While trying to help Jas woo Tom, Georgia meets Tom's older brother Robbie… a.k.a. Sex God. To be clear, that's her nickname for him, not ours. Which makes her feelings about him crystal-clear.

It isn't exactly smooth-sailing for these two, though, and Robbie and Georgia have a few interactions that cause conflict between them. He catches her making out with Peter, the boy who gives free kissing lessons, and though he's with his girlfriend Lindsay, Robbie is still visibly upset. Conflict only escalates when Georgia brings a neighborhood boy, Mark, to watch the Stiff Dylans (Robbie's band) play a gig. Mark starts a fight with the band and ruins the night.

Georgia's parents suggest a possible move to New Zealand because her Dad can't find work, but Georgia's not down for this move down under. No matter; her dad leaves for New Zealand to look for a job shortly after Christmas.

Georgia and Jas stalk Lindsay to see if Robbie really likes her. No, really—they follow her home (creepy) and watch her change (creepier). They witness an interaction between Robbie and Lindsay that prompts them to decide he's not so into her. Score.

After another Stiff Dylans gig, Robbie kisses Georgia. Lindsay confronts Georgia about the kiss at school because Robbie lied and blamed it all on Georgia. Classy move, Robbie. After this turn of events, Georgia tells her mum she's fine with moving to New Zealand.

Robbie and Georgia meet up and he says he can't date Georgia because she's too young. However, after Angus goes missing, Robbie finds him—and when he brings him over to Georgia's place, they share a kiss and decide to take things slow. Everything finally seems to be looking up for Georgia… Well, until her mum tells her they are going to New Zealand, that is.

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