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Doña Althea in Animal Dreams

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Doña Althea

Doña Althea came here to be sassy and make papier-mâché peacocks, and she's all out of peacocks. Just kidding. She has a lot of peacocks left, because people bring her feathers all the time. As reigning president of the Stitch and B**** club, people lay feathers at Doña Althea's feet like offerings at the shrine of a virgin goddess.

Well, she's probably not a virgin, because she has a ton of daughters who all seem to be named Althea, too—but she is a total boss. She's the matriarch of Grace, as adept at inventive swearing as she is at folk arts and crafts. She's also the leader of the movement to save Grace from the Black Mountain Mining Company, and she would totally be down for some domestic terrorism if any of the ladies knew their way around a stick of dynamite.

La Doña makes the best menudo, gives the only interviews on CNN, and has hair is like a silver helmet. She also happens to be Codi's secret granny, but don't expect a tearful family reunion—Doña Althea is too sassy for that sentimental stuff.

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