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Animal Dreams Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Animal Dreams

  • Codi and Loyd leave for Whitehorse to go and see about those game birds.
  • On the way, Codi picks up a letter from Hallie—she's doing great down in Nicaragua and feels like she's really helping people there.
  • Hallie also definitely remembers the flood and the coyote pups they tried to save. She specifically remembers that it was Codi who tried to save them, which is weird, because Codi doesn't really think of herself as the type to step up for some baby coyotes.
  • Loyd and Codi drive along, talking about the land and the reservation until they get to Whitehorse, where Loyd goes in and wrangles with a guy about "gaffers" and "knife birds."
  • Once Loyd's done, he and Codi drive to Kinishba, the site of a prehistoric Pueblo dwelling—basically hundreds of rooms cut into the rock.
  • Loyd tells Codi that the bones of dead babies are mortared into the walls, which is obviously super romantic.
  • Kinishba is pretty amazing—like, literally, it's a maze—and Codi and Loyd wander around there until they find a courtyard, where they get down to business. The business of love, that is.
  • Afterward, when they're lying around together, Codi questions Loyd's commitment—like, is he going to run off on her again the way he did in high school?
  • Loyd apologizes for being such a jerk back then, but Codi can tell he doesn't know that she was ever pregnant.
  • Codi forgives Loyd, and he tells her that he really, really likes her. They watch Jack having dog dreams and whimpering in his sleep.
  • Loyd asks Codi what she thinks animals dream about.
  • Ahem, for some reason, it occurs to us that this might be important.
  • Codi says, "Animal heaven" (12.131), which Loyd thinks is kind of dumb. He thinks that animals are probably just like people and dream about what they do when they're awake.
  • Then Loyd says that "if you want sweet dreams, you have to have a sweet life" (12.133).

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