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Animal Dreams Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Endangered Places

  • Spring comes to Grace, bringing tons of rain and blossoms to the fruit trees.
  • There's been no news from Hallie.
  • Codi has been sending hundreds of letters and making lots of calls to congressmen as well as newspapers.
  • Trouble is, there are so many lies floating around about Nicaragua that the newspapers either get the story wrong or don't print it at all.
  • Codi stops spending time with Doc, because the two are just making each other miserable.
  • Codi finally writes to the president, but he is unfortunately a lot harder to shame than her students.
  • Meanwhile, the "Stitch and B****" club is raking in the dough but doesn't know how to use it to stop Black Mountain, except by hiring an elite team of saboteurs.
  • Just kidding. They just get the help of this art dealer named Sean Rideheart, who helps them to get the town on the historic register so that the mining company can't legally destroy it.
  • In the meantime, Carlo tells Codi he's moving to Telluride, Colorado, and asks her to come along.
  • Codi hasn't really been talking to Loyd, partly because she feels guilty about having been in the midst of such a pleasant trip when her sister got kidnapped.
  • Codi and Uda Dell go up to clean out Doc's house while he's off in Tucson getting a CAT scan.
  • Codi is totally blown away by what they find: meticulously kept records of everything in their past, including every pair of orthopedic shoes she's ever owned.
  • Uda tells Codi about giving the girls the cowgirl outfits that one time, and Codi remembers it.
  • Uda also tells Codi that she took care of the girls until she was fourteen. It's is like Whoa, Codi, you are living in the matrix, and Uda Dell is basically the Morpheus of Grace.
  • Finally, while opening up a box of photos labeled "Am Jour Gen," she discovers photos of the eyes of all the newborn babies of Grace.
  • There are notes on Doc's methods. Apparently, he shot a photo of each baby the minute it was born, and Codi is like, Holy wow, my father is the kind of guy who does a scientific study on his own people.
  • Among the photos is one of her own newborn face, and finally Codi has undeniable proof that she and Hallie are puro members of the Grace genetic pool.
  • Codi has a sudden sensory memory and realizes that her crazy dream in which there's a pop and she goes blind is actually a memory: it's the flashbulb going off at her birth.
  • Codi realizes that all along, Doc wasn't actually trying to set himself apart. He was trying to prove that the Nolinas belonged in Grace.
  • Good job doing the exact opposite of what you intended, as usual, Doc.

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