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Animal Dreams Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


  • We open with Codi getting on the bus to go join Carlo in Telluride.
  • This is clearly an awesome idea, as evidenced by the very symbolic junkyard she sees on the way out of town and the fact that Carlo has found her a job as a model in the fine arts school. She's a body without an identity.
  • Codi remembers a bunch of stuff that happened before she left: Loyd asked her if she believed in heaven, and she said no.
  • Loyd also tells Codi that the Pueblos think people go back underground. Codi thinks about Hallie fertilizing the tropics.
  • Codi admits that she believes that if she runs away and forgets, it'll be like Hallie's not really dead.
  • Loyd is super upset when Codi left, but he's also understanding.
  • Emelina is just straight up angry. The best she can do was is yell at Codi, so she doesn't even say goodbye.
  • All the women of Grace come to see Codi off, though.
  • Viola also corners Codi and tells her that she was there on the day of her mother's death. It turns out that against Doc's orders, Viola had taken Codi up to see her mother taken away on the medical helicopter, and she had seen her mother die.
  • So Codi's memory isn't fake, after all.
  • Back on the bus, Codi sits down next to a lady who happens to know Hallie—or at least Hallie's voice, because she got terrible slugs and called the Garden Hotline all the time.
  • The woman lost her own sister, and Codi finally states exactly what happened to Hallie—the contras shot her in the head.
  • It's a weird conversation, not just because Codi is being super TMI, but because even though this lady really liked Hallie, she doesn't say anything at all after Codi reveals this. Maybe because she is an American in love with forgetting, and she doesn't really want to believe what Codi says.
  • After the bus ride comes a plane ride, and Codi gets on board, but it doesn't take off for a while.
  • Codi is thinking about her mom, who was afraid of flying and died rather than take off in the medical helicopter.
  • Codi makes friends with a teenager, and then the plane's engine fails and they have to land suddenly back in Tucson.
  • Everyone is super scared, and Codi makes a deal with her mother's ghost that if they land safely, she won't try to fly away again.
  • Codi takes an Amtrak back to town, knowing that Loyd is the one who will be driving it.
  • Because she's on the train this time, and not the bus, instead of seeing the dump on the way back into town Codi sees the male carob tree—the partner to that female tree she saw by the liquor store.
  • Codi calls the male tree "the one I'd been looking for" (25.151), and if that ain't symbolism, we don't know what is.
  • Codi gets off the train in Grace, and so does Loyd. He gives her a super amazing kiss, so that's settled.

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