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Animal Dreams Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

The Fifty Mothers

  • Codi wants to have a funeral for Hallie, but she can't, because Hallie's body is in Nicaragua.
  • Instead, Codi decides to find something else that stands for Hallie, like the semilla besada where they hid locks of their hair when they were girls.
  • Codi asks everyone to bring something that reminds them of Hallie, and everyone does—from the "Stitch and B****" ladies to Codi's students.
  • They all sing songs, and Codi reads parts of Hallie's letters. A bunch of peacocks show up and start howling.
  • Codi then lays the afghan on the ground, and everyone puts the things they brought onto it and tells a story about Hallie.
  • Codi acknowledges that Doña Althea is her grandmother, and Uda Dell reveals that she crocheted the afghan itself.
  • When it's all over, Codi picks up the afghan and takes it home to Doc's.

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