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Animal Dreams Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Homero: Human Remains

  • Doc is up at the house when Codi shows up with her bundle, which he thinks is her first dead baby.
  • Codi asks Doc if he wants to help her bury the bundle, and he follows her out behind the house to the garden Hallie used to grow.
  • Doc says Codi might want to have a garden there someday, so she should probably put her baby corpse somewhere else.
  • Codi tells Doc that she told Loyd about the baby the day before and took him to the place where she buried it (apparently, Doc has already showed it to her).
  • Codi remembers the whole night now, including Doc's attempt to help by giving her pills.
  • Doc and Codi have a last lucid conversation in which Doc basically apologizes for being such a terrible father, and Codi basically forgives him, because it turned out that he raised a couple of great kids.
  • Doc tells Codi that he loves her, and she tells him that they've all been doing their best to not be useless.
  • Doc drops out of time again and gives hugs to the ghost versions of his baby daughters.

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