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Animal Dreams Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Cosima: Day of All Souls

  • It's the Day of All Souls, a couple of years after Hallie's death. Doc is dead, and Codi has swept his grave.
  • Codi asks Viola to take her to the place where her mother died, and Viola is doing it.
  • It's a tough hike, partly because Codi is pregnant again. It's Loyd's baby, and they seem to be married these days, or at least having babies together on purpose.
  • Codi's been writing to Hallie in a notebook.
  • Codi tells Viola that she remembers being there, and Viola tells her that if you remember something, it's true.
  • Codi describes exactly what she remembers: they're standing at the edge of the field, she sees her mother's corpse wrapped in white cloth, and the helicopter takes it away into the sky.

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