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Animal Dreams Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

The Miracle

  • It's time for Codi to tell us more about this lost baby she keeps nudging and winking about.
  • Turns out Codi got pregnant at fifteen and lost the baby. She still dreams about literally misplacing infants—sometimes in flooded creeks. (Codi Noline, are you your father?)
  • Codi also tells us who the father was—her high school boyfriend Loyd Peregrina. Loyd was this super hot football-playing Apache guy who dated her for about four weeks during his senior year.
  • Loyd never even knew Codi was pregnant. In fact, Codi didn't tell anyone, not even Hallie.
  • A few months in, Codi had a miscarriage.
  • These days, Codi feels pretty conflicted about it. On the one hand, lots of women lose babies—it's pretty normal. On the other hand, she knows exactly how old the baby would be if it had lived.
  • That's heavy, Codi.

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