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Animal Farm Themes

By George Orwell

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Power: Leadership and Corruption

Power: Control over the Intellectually Inferior

Lies and Deceit

Rules and Order

Foolishness and Folly

Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

Cunning and Cleverness




Themes for Animal Farm

Major Animal Farm themes range from power in leadership and corruption to violence and pride. These are demonstrated through a group of barnyard animals trying to create a society of freedom and happiness by rebelling against their human farmer.

A Brief Synopsis of Animal Farm’s Themes

Crafted to examine the desire for control, the themes for Animal Farm are interwoven into a unique plot, and one which shows just how far some will go to be in power. The story inspires the reader to explore the concept of corruption, as shown through the challenges of the dissonant farm animals.

Here are some notable Animal Farm themes:

  • Foolishness and folly
  • Lies and deceit
  • Dreams, hopes, and plans
  • Cunning and cleverness
  • Control over the intellectually inferior

Consider Additional Themes for Animal Farms

As you read the novella, see if you can identify any additional Animal Farm themes. Feel free to explore the other topics we have listed as well, including violence, pride, and religion.


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