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Animal Farm Pride

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The animals in Animal Farm don't have much in the way of food, dignity, or leisure—but they do have pride. They take pride in banding together to overthrow their first oppressive leader, and that common feeling makes them willing to endure their second oppressive leader. Napoleon is smart enough to use that pride to manipulate the animals into obedience and then to convince them that the whole system isn't just failing and corrupt. And… it seems to work. Hm. We feel like this is a good lesson for our ultimate Internet takeover.

Questions About Pride

  1. In general, is pride beneficial or harmful to the animals? For the pigs? For the humans?
  2. What do the pigs seem to take pride in? What do the rest of the animals take pride in?
  3. Do the humans seem to take pride in anything?
  4. Boxer takes a lot of pride in his work. But isn't that supposed to be a good thing? When does taking pride in your work go wrong?

Chew on This

While the pigs use pride to control the other animals, their own pride controls them in much the same way.

Pride initially sparks the animals' rebellion, but it quickly becomes just another tool of oppression.

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