Study Guide

Anna Karenina Part 1, Chapter 16

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 1, Chapter 16

  • In this chapter, we get a glimpse into Vronsky's head.
  • He's never had a real family life. His mother was renowned for her beauty and her affairs. Vronsky barely remembers his father. He was more or less brought up in the Corps of Pages, a military school, where he became a brilliant officer.
  • Vronsky is rich, charming, and handsome—of course he's been pretty lucky with the ladies.
  • Used to the devices of society women (about which we'll find out more in a later chapter), Kitty's pure heart has something rare and charming about it, and Vronsky's delighted with her company.
  • He is completely unaware that he might be leading her on, or that he's expected to propose to Kitty after courting her so publicly.
  • Marriage doesn't seem like a possibility to him. Vronsky doesn't like family life, and pictures the role of the family, and especially that of the husband, as completely alien to him, ridiculous, even.
  • He goes to bed quite undisturbed, and happy that he had a pleasant night at the Shcherbatsky house.

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