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Anna Karenina Part 1, Chapter 17

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Part 1, Chapter 17

  • The next morning, Oblonsky and Vronsky arrive at the train station at the same time. Oblonsky is picking up his sister Anna Karenina (we're finally going to meet the title character), and Vronsky is picking up his mother.
  • They chat about Levin and Kitty. Oblonsky finds Levin a nice, but conservative young man. Still, Oblonsky thinks that Levin is a fundamentally decent guy. Vronsky thinks that he's, yes, educated and upstanding, but also edgy and angry.
  • The train arrives.
  • Vronsky feels, that as a member of society, he ought to show obedience and respect for his mother. In actuality though, the more outward obedience and respect he shows, the less he actually feels for her.

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