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Anna Karenina Part 1, Chapter 22

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 1, Chapter 22

  • Kitty looks beautiful at the ball Oblonsky is holding, and she's having a good night.
  • She dances with the best dancer there, a married man named Korsunksy who is the master of ceremonies. The two of them dance over to Anna.
  • Kitty wanted to see Anna wearing lilac, but instead Anna is stunning in a black dress trimmed with Venetian lace. Kitty realizes that Anna could never wear a showy color like lilac, because Anna never seeks to stand out in a crowd according to her dress.
  • Korsunksy asks Anna to dance, but she refuses. Then Vronsky comes over and bows to her. Anna quickly accepts Korsunksy's offer of a dance.
  • Kitty wonders why Anna deliberately ignores Vronsky's bow to her.
  • Vronsky is obviously distracted too. He forgets to ask Kitty to dance, and she looks at him with obvious surprise, until he remembers himself and asks her.
  • Vronsky and Kitty embrace each other as they prepare to waltz, and Kitty gives Vronsky an incredibly loving glance. It's not returned.

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