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Anna Karenina Part 1, Chapter 27

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Part 1, Chapter 27

  • We get insight into Levin's attitude towards his house: he uses the entire mansion, even though he's the only one living there and he doesn't need all the space.
  • His hope is to one-day recreate the household as it was when his mother was alive. Marriage is the linchpin of the plan. He feels that all happiness in life depends on a successful marriage.
  • His mother's memory is sacred to him. Since she died when he was young, she represents the ideal of traditional womanhood that he so prizes and wants in a wife.
  • He is sad that it seems his house will never have a wife, since Kitty shot him down.
  • Levin and Miss Agatha sit in a small drawing room and have tea as she gossips to him about all that's been going on in the village during his absence from his estate. Levin listens to her with half an ear as he starts to think about all the scientific reforms he wants to carry out on his estate.
  • Laska, the dog, comes and nuzzles Levin. She's excited to have her master back again, and this calms Levin, who starts believing that everything is going to be all right.

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