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Anna Karenina Part 1, Chapter 6

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Part 1, Chapter 6

  • This section gives a history of the Levin/Shcherbatsky connection.
  • The Levins and Shcherbatskys are two old Moscow families who have always been friendly with each other.
  • Levin and the young Prince Shcherbatsky went to university together.
  • Consequently, Levin spent a lot of time at the Shcherbatsky house, and fell in love with the whole family. All the Shcherbatsky women seemed intriguing, mysterious, and beautiful.
  • Levin almost fell in love with the eldest girl, Dolly, but she got married to Oblonsky.
  • Then Levin almost fell for the second girl, Natalie, but she got married to a diplomat.
  • This left Kitty, and you can guess what happened: Levin fell in love with her.
  • Levin is a good match for Kitty, but since he's in love he convinces himself that he's not good enough for her.
  • He hung out in the Moscow social scene just so he could see her, but then he convinced himself that she could never love him, and sought refuge in the country.
  • (We learn that the young Prince Shcherbatsky died serving in the navy.)
  • Finally, after spending two months alone in the country, Levin decides that he has to ask Kitty to marry him, and put an end to all his anxieties over the matter for once and for all.

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