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Anna Karenina Part 2, Chapter 16

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 2, Chapter 16

  • On their way home, Levin asks Oblonsky for all the details of Kitty's situation, but once Oblonsky starts to speak of them, Levin suddenly cuts him off, saying that he has no right to know
  • Then they start discussing the forest that Oblonsky is about to sell. He's getting a bad deal. Levin knows that the forest is worth much more than Oblonsky's asking price, and he feels scornful of city people who come down to the country assuming they know everything.
  • Oblonsky asks why no one else offered a higher price, and Levin explains that the dealer (Ryabinin) has fixed it up with the other dealers so that no one else will offer a better price.
  • By the time they reach the house, Levin is in a bad mood, although he won't admit it.
  • Ryabinin is waiting for Oblonsky.
  • Ryabinin is unattractive and doesn't have any class or manners. Levin clearly dislikes him.
  • Ryabinin wants to talk first, to bring down the price even further, but after Levin threatens to buy the forest himself, Ryabinin produces the money that had been agreed upon previously.

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