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Anna Karenina Part 2, Chapter 2

By Leo Tolstoy

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Part 2, Chapter 2

  • Dolly has given birth to a daughter named Lilli and another daughter has fallen ill. Still, she makes time to visit the Shcherbatsky house to see what decisions they've made regarding Kitty.
  • Dolly is sad to hear that Kitty will be going abroad; she feels that she is losing her sister and best friend.
  • Meanwhile, the reconciliation Anna brokered between Dolly and Oblonsky has not lasted. Oblonsky is never home, and Dolly has to take care of six children. Dolly is stressed and unhappy.
  • Kitty is sad that her father is not accompanying her and her mother to the spa, because she feels like her father understands her best of all.
  • Kitty's father tells her that one day she will be cheerful again and ready to go out for a walk with him.
  • This is too much for Kitty to take emotionally; she runs from the room.
  • Her parents have a spat because the Prince thinks the whole situation is his wife's fault, and he thinks it's ludicrous that his wife keeps trying to dose Kitty with medicines.
  • The Princess is stressed because she can't figure out how Kitty is supposed to get married.
  • Dolly asks about Levin. It's clear she thinks that Kitty's anguish stems from refusing Levin and placing her trust in Vronsky.
  • Dolly goes to talk to Kitty.

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